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General Pests


One of the most common insects found around homes, they may be small but they’re rarely alone, comprising of colonies of usually hundreds of thousands of other ants, not only can they swarm around any scraps of food around the house, they may also damage parts of the building, depending on the species. Call us if you have any problems with these colonies. 


The typical American cockroach is the one of the largest of its kind, and one of the major pests of the United States. They are incredibly resilient, being able to live up to a week without its head. Keeping a clean house, free of crumbs is just one way to prevent these critters from infesting your home, but if they’e already made a home for themselves, give us a call. 


Another common of household insects, ranging from a typical house spider, brown recluse, or a black widow. They are usually solitary insects, but when a female lays eggs, there can be hundreds in a spider sac. They are usually found in cramped areas like basements and attics. If you have a spider problem, you know who to call. 


These bugs get their name from their strange appearance and are rarely seen, but they appear in humid areas of the home like basements. If you’re looking to get rid of or prevent an infestation, contact us for more information. 

fly control

Flies can be found almost everywhere. Due to this, and the fact that they like to swarm around dead animals, they are potential disease carriers. Although they have short life spans, they can rapidly reproduce. Give us a call if they are more than your fly swatter can handle.

Stored Product Pests

Have you found any creepy crawly surprises in your products? In addition to complaining to the company you got that from, you should also call us to help you get rid of it, should it be a big problem.

biting INsects

bed bugs

Find out why you can’t have a good nights sleep with these bugs sleeping with you, and how our monitoring program prevents these bugs from coming back. More Details


You love your pets, so do these little critters, but they aren’t here to help your animals. Vets aren’t the only people in town prepared to get rid of these pests. Give us a call.


These microscopic bugs are almost impossible to see. They can cause allergic reactions and rashes for people and possibly animals. Be sure to change bed sheets often and keep humidity low for prevention, but if you have a major mite problem, we’re the people to call. 

mosquito control

Mosquitoes transmitting disease is a major problem around the world. In Southern California the temperature is normally above 50 degrees Fahrenheit making mosquitoes active year round. Luckily, we have the solution!

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These small rodents are capable of causing damage with their gnawing and can possibly contaminate and spread disease, if you even see one or see their droppings, it’s likely you have an infestation. Don’t worry, we can help.


They are fairly common, but that’s because they can breed at an alarming rate. They can also pose risk to a home by gnawing and spreading disease. Contact us for more information on getting rid of and preventing a mice infestation. 

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